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Paul wants to know whether diet and exercise affect blood pressure. He believes that subjects who eat well and exercise for 30 minutes/day will have lower blood pressure than those who do not. For one week, he has 20 females and 20 males eat a prescribed diet and run on a treadmill for 30 minutes/day. He measures their blood pressure at the end of the week. The following week he has the same participants eat whatever they want and doesn’t require that they exercise. He measures their blood pressure again at the end of the week. Paul finds that the subjects’ blood pressure was lower during the first week than the second week; therefore, he concludes that exercise and diet help to lower blood pressure.

  1. What is Paul’s hypothesis? (Use an “if…then” statement) [1 pt]

_If the subjects exercise for 30 minutes a day and eat healthy, then they will have lower blood pressure than if they didn’t necessarily exercise or maintain a healthy diet.


  1. What is the IV? [1 pt] ____amount of exercise and type of diet __________________________________________________
  2. What is the DV? [1 pt] ___the blood pressure measurement __________________________________________________
  3. List two potential confounds. [2 pt] ___Paul only controlled diet and exercise in the first week of the experiment and did not control the subjects behavior in the second week. Also other factors contribute to blood pressure that were not accounted for like the amount of stress each subject was under during the first and second week.________________________________________


  1. Is Paul’s conclusion externally and internally valid? Why or why not? If not, what could he do to improve the experiment? [3 pts] ____Pauls conclusion could be externally valid because the statement is a generalization about blood pressure that applies to the general population. However, due to the confounds in the experiment Paul is incorrect to apply the results of the experiment to the general population. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Is this a within-, between-, or mixed-subjects design? Why? [1 pt] ____This is an example of a within-subject design because the same group is compared at different times ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. What is one way in which we can measure mental processes? Provide an example. [1 pt] ___One way to measure mental process would be to make subjects perform puzzles. To study the effect of stimulants for example, subjects could be asked to solve the puzzle after being given a stimulant and then they could be asked to solve the puzzle on a day without the stimulant and the results could be compared. ________________________________________________________________

Who is Ethan and why did he creamy

Ethan the founder of cube Jewel ran into a predicament a little while back . He purchased a faulty refrigerator from a yard sale for his dorm room his freshman year of college. This refrigerator Tim was a cheap still and because he was so stingy he decided that for $7 he could probably get away with it for his freshman year. He took the refrigerator to college and it works great for about 2 weeks or so and instantly broke down. Click here to check out this puriya cream review.

Pay once cold and chilly fridge that was not so pretty on the outside but functions properly for a little while became completely useless. Aggravated by his decisions by the fridge in the first place and with a bunch of warm beer and warm leftover pizza Ethan decided to take actions into his own hands. He went on to Amazon and bought the absolute cheapest mini fridge he could find . the product you purchased was by RCA and was looking good on the website so he decided to go forward with it. You notice of a product had a couple of good reviews and a couple of bad reviews but I decided to take his chances and go for it.

Product only had two and a half Stars however but this simply didn’t face his buying decision . Ethan went on to purchase the product and once he received it in the standing three weeks later you notice that the entire package had been dented. Would you open the container up he noticed that the product was severely dinged up and damaged. You plugged it in and it wouldn’t even work. For $60 he bought a hunk of plastic that was completely useless . when he saw that the condition was so terrible he decided to Simply order another one .

Angry at himself for making the same mistake again he decided to go ahead and write a review on Amazon about the product. The review was full of Rage as he ranted on about how defective the product was and how unhappy he was with the decision. Being a freshman in college $60 was a lot to him and it made him mad that’s the product was so horribly made. From there he decided to buy another more expensive refrigerator for about $100.

The refrigerator he purchased was a good quality and it lasted him another 4 years. happy with this purchase he decided to run right a review for this product . He, he kind of Lights reviews he decided that he was very good at writing reviews and he had some actual feedback that could provide the user with valuable information. And so he decided to create his own website to review products like this in hopes that he could benefit others like him. Ethan sincerely hopes that the users of his site can get the best value out of his reviews so that they can make informed buying decisions. From his personal experience, he certainly doesn’t want anyone to go through what he went through.

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Clinton R. Sanders explains in his article that outward appearance has a significant effect on how the individual perceives himself, how others perceive the individual, and how the individual’s life becomes shaped by his or her appearance. People who embody what society deems attractive are more likely to be given a wide range of opportunities in life. People may attempt to change their appearance for the better by wearing attractive clothing or putting on makeup for instance for the purpose of looking better. However, when people who permanently modify their bodies in ways that go against traditional norms, they may end up being perceived as an individual with lower social status. After years of studying tattoo parlors, tattoo bearing individuals, and store owners, Clinton explains that people change their outward appearance by getting tattoos for multiple reasons. Some people get tattoos to represent personal qualities, while some people get tattoos to symbolize a connection to another person. People may get tattoos to simply look more beautiful. Clinton found that no matter why the people he studied got their skin inked, they all did so to obtain a tangible representation of identity.

It is mentioned in the article that the decision to get a tattoo is made through social connections. Clinton claims that people often get tattoos because close friends or family members also have tattoos. People with tattoos are also often connected with other people in the tattoo community possibly because this community is made up of individuals with similar tastes or preferences.  Because of this bond, the collection of tattooed individuals could be identified as a subculture of the larger society due to the shared values that tattoo bearing individuals have in regards to outward appearance. This subculture still contributes to society however the tattoos set these individuals apart from what is deemed ordinary. Clinton even describes the tattoo as “a mark of disaffiliation” from mainstream society. Of course within the tattoo community there is a wide range of different social groups that may differ in heritages and norms but they all have the same commonality that sets these groups apart from society as a whole. The article explains how the tattoo subculture was once a small and little known part of society but over the years it has encompassed more social groups with unique backgrounds. The original subgroup of deviant tattooed individuals has expanded to become a much broader collection of people over the years.